Airports, Ports & Terminals

Airports, Ports & Terminals



  • airports, ports and terminals represent a vital economic engine


  • Few sites pose more complex or critical challenges than a nation’s seaports, airports and terminals. As a result, they have become prime targets for disruptive criminal attacks, vandalism, smuggling & terrorist attacks
  • There is also a need for asset and employee protection
  • Ability to grow seamlessly with Scalability and flexibility
  • Keeping open platform, Video standards and High IT security


  • AVCOM works in partnership with system integrators, end-users as well as with other leading industry players to be an all-inclusive provider of open solutions on a platform that provides full integration
  • Ease of integration by DVTEL VMS, analytics & Sony Latest cameras IP technology delivers improve design and functionality, enabling operators working together immediate and thorough investigation on live and recorded scenes


  • Using Software/Hardware in one location provides greater control, easier maintenance and lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Avcom integration enables systems to take video data directly from the network instead of the analog camera. Yet , Any camera can be run through DVTEL analysis system
  • 24/7 video monitoring and recording, viewed from multiple locations anywhere on the network and remotely – allowing investigation capabilities, while keeping storage demands manageable


  • Reduction in personnel required to operate multiple systems
  • Increased Security and Operational Benefits— Using this system allows additional security measures to be put in place. The overall operations are considerably more efficient, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and a long-run increase in total revenue
  • In a near fully-automated process, Avcom solution substantially increases operational efficiencies & provides video at command centers and on designated desktops