Critical Sites

Critical Sites



  • pipelines, water treatment facilities, transformer and power stations, electrical and gas distribution facilities and critical infrastructure sites are all sharing the same surveillance needs, where the potential exists for attack, vandalism and theft. The liability associated with damages that can occur can be significant


  • Customers requires efficient solution that provides Near Zero False alrams situational awareness
  • Integration to existing infrastructure with analog cameras
  • Keeping open platform of Video formats and high level IT security standards


  • Avcom security portfolio based upon DVTEL open-standard, end-to-end video surveillance solutions & Sony superb HD & Full HD IP cameras technology
  • Solutions include high-performance, storage efficient HD IP cameras and edge/server based video analytics for outdoor intrusion detection and tracking
  • AVcom security offering, provide high-quality services, develop custom applications, and seamlessly integrates third-party products to ensure interoperability and performance


  • Advanced Hybrid Analytics Hardware and software enables smooth transition between existing infrastructure and future expansions
  • By using DVtel innovative NVMS software and analytics technology , empower with Sony cameras clients receives High level premises protection system with alarms based on motion detection and other sensors with 3rd party PSIM interfaces iwhere needed


  • Real-time solution with easily expandable capabilities giving flexibility and performance