Maccabi Healthcare Services – PROJECT Telemedicine

Maccabi Healthcare Services – PROJECT Telemedicine


Maccabi Healthcare Services – PROJECT Telemedicine – Accessibility of medical services at the insureds site


  • Maccabi Healthcare Services is one of four HMOs in Israel
  • Maccabi Health Services has over 2,000,000 insured people and has about 11,000 employees
  • Maccabi Healthcare Services has over 150 locations all over Israel


  • Constant Demand for efficiency and ongoing cost savings
  • Remote management of 11 districts and 162 branches from Eilat to Metulla
  • Reduction of the un needed arrival of insured patients to various emergency centers
  • Identifying insured patients at high risk groups and creating weekly supervision mechanism
  • Establishment of Audio visual Archives for Training purposes, including recording, editing, distribution, and documentation
  • Execution all the objectives while maintaining the highest & uncompromising security level


  • Establishment of a videoconferencing administration network by creating Video rooms at the provinces and branches using LifeSize end points
  • Mobility videoconferencing solution based on Life Size Clearsea Technology
  • Using Life size UVC Platform on-Premises infrastructure applications for provisioning & Management the Network.
  • Design of Medical Cart Modalities (Based on Life size videoconferencing systems) for different application
  • AVCOM integrated seamlessly Life-Size technology into Maccabi infrastructure with Microsoft Lync


  • Integration to Microsoft Lync.
  • Integration to existing infrastructure based on VMWare
  • High End Video Quality
  • Ability to grow seamlessly
  • Scalability and flexibility


  • Efficiency and ongoing cost savings
  • Management decision making Improvement
  • Increased Productivity Among Doctors and Nurses
  • Creating new Medical services
  • Improve accessibility with disabilities Patients
  • Establishment of Audiovisual Archives for training