Safe Cities

Safe Cities



  • Cities all over the country need to invest in technology to enhance safety and limit the possibility of crime
  • There is growing demand in keeping the city monitoring high-profile critical infrastructure locations, such as transit, energy and public utilities, as possible terrorist and criminal targets


  • Integration to existing infrastructure
  • Ability to grow seamlessly with Scalability and flexibility
  • Reduction in City payouts for liability
  • Keeping open platform and Video/IT standards


  • Building upon the existing city network, AVCOM provides Israel leading integrators the usage and installation of DVTEL Latitude central management software
  • AVCOM works in partnership with system integrators, end-users as well as with other leading industry players to be an all-inclusive provider of open solutions on a platform that provides full integration
  • AVcom through leading integration companies in Israel has deployed its line of products solution on more than 60 municipalities in Israel


  • The Latitude NVMS software’s ease of use and compatibility eliminated most complicated troubleshooting and make training operators a simple task
  • DVTEL software easily integrated with other technologies, such as other integrators PSIM software, 3rd party cameras etc


  • Reduction in personnel required to operate multiple systems
  • Cost savings Increased productivity
  • thousand incidents caught on video, which may lead to effective prosecutions if needed
  • Reduction in crime rate year-over –year