About us

Going above and beyond

Professionalism, dedication to our client’s goals and uncompromising quality are the cornerstones of our DNA. The fact that we go above and beyond what is required is the central reason why most of our clientele are repeat customers. It’s also the reason why our employees stay with us for so long.


We’ve spent three decades specializing in all branches of AV broadcast, video security and multimedia. Now we’re also offering Smart City applications.   Before establishing AVCOM in 2000, our core members served as the technical division at Sony. 


We focus on the best technology available on the market, provided by the leading and most respected manufacturers. 

Everything is done to meet our customers’ logistics, operational, production and security objectives. 


Our employees define us. Their dedication and ability to share is a strong asset in AVCOM’s ability to provide well-considered and long-term solutions within a short time frame. One of our customers described the AVCOM experience in these words: “As soon as I arrived in the office, I felt that I was in good hands.”

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