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    Taking ownership

    Service and support are the most important part of our agenda. We take responsibility and will always go the extra distance for our clients. If this means
    working unsocial and long hours or providing emergency assistance, we’re there for them.

    The concept of ‘taking ownership’ )i.e working in true partnership spirit with our clients) is central to AVCOM’s approach as a supplier. We don’t just provide superior equipment. We become an essential part of the whole value chain.

    Our support extends to the ancillary tasks sometimes required to ensure that a project is completed on time and to the client’s full satisfaction.

    Our relationship with manufacturers is close, loyal and fully transparent. Mutual updating and sharing is done on a regular basis. We also manage all the administrative tasks that accompany imports – customs duties, clearance, standards authorization and other approvals.

    Selling technology is not enough. The true point of difference is how you manage it.